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We spent a couple of days in a small village called Moni, located by the foot of Mt. Kelimutu.

Nasi Padang Karaoke Version

I'm inviting YOU to record your own version of "Nasi Padang". Upload it to YouTube or Soundcloud, and post it on my Facebook Page . I will share my favourites on the page. Mp3 Download: Video with lyrics: Nasi Padang Lyrics I still remember when i tasted you I wouldn't believe that it could be true It was the first time in my life And if you were human, I would make you my wife Nasi Padang x 5 It's the best thing you will ever taste If you never taste it, it's a big disgrace I am your biggest fan Just remember one thing, you need to eat with your hand Nasi Padang x 5 If I'm closing my eyes I feel the taste on my lips I can feel the kobokan on my fingertips And I really think you’re silly If you’re leavin' the table without tasting the chili Nasi Padang x 5 I like it like the bee likes honey I like it like everyone likes money I like it like the kids like their bunny I like it if it’s rainy or sunny Nasi Padang x

Kvitland - Nasi Padang

This summer I was traveling in Indonesia for three weeks. It was one of the best travel experiences I have had so far. A country with beautiful breath taking nature, colorful corals, welcoming and generous people, and last but not least the amazing food! On my last day in Jakarta, I tasted Nasi Padang. It was the best meal on the trip, and when I came home to Norway, I decided to show some love back to this amazing country and made this song as a tribute to Indonesia and Nasi Padang. Feel free to  share the video and song  with friends! Watch the video here: You can download the song for free here here: After you have heard it, you can decide if you want to donate anything. All support it much appreciated but what's more important is that you enjoy the song, and hopefully makes you smile.

Short teaser of Nasi Padang