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Video with Indonesian subtitles:
<soon available>


  1. it's a great song
    Thank you for create this song

  2. wow a beautiful song....

    thanks for creating this song :D i love it

  3. Awesome bro I share to all my friend in padang

  4. Awesome.... nice song bro.... i like it....

  5. This epic song for me.nasi padang food is our culture . We really2 appreciated that .tq somuch Audun..

  6. it's make me miss padang, an awesome place, humble people, unforgetable taste of food. it's perfect to live. till now, i still want to live in padang. thanks so much. i'vee set your song as my ringtone.

    i suggest you to promote this song to be a nice ring back tone, to an indonesian comunnication service provider like telkomsel, indosat or XL. Wish you can make a lots of money from this video. Then you come back to Indonesia at your holiday trip. (top)

  7. i like this song.. and i love SUMBAR.. :) (y)

  8. thank you for creating this song. Hope more people taste this tasty kind of food, and fall in love with it.

  9. I Love It, it's a great song...

  10. This comment has been removed by the author.

  11. I dont know what to say anymore, but this song very inspiring
    great job audun , gob bless

  12. thanks you Kvitland :D

    so so beautiful song

  13. thank so much for AUDUN make a song about nasi padang, i am one of minang people feel happy.

  14. Thanks a lot, for creating this song. Proud to be minangese (padang/west sumatra clan)

  15. Delicious food for Indonesia! I'm from indonesia.

  16. rancak bana | amat bagus | very good |

  17. I see "om telolet om" on your youtube, can you make a fullsong version and upload in this website ?

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