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SoundUp Magazine is covering the release of "Nasi Padang"


Komodo dragons

We did a boat trip from Labuan Bajo to Rinca Island to go tracking for Komodo dragons. We could see three or four Komodos in total.
Kvitland, Heggen and a cute dragon

Visiting Gili Air

We were staying a couple of days in Gili Air. A peaceful and beautiful island west of Lombok.

It felt like we were in paradise.
Idyllic Gili Air.
Testing some traditional instruments. Ready for renting bikes and taking a tour on the Island.
The sunset at Gili Air was breath taking.

Mark your calendar ;)

The Release date for the single is ready! Mark your calendar ;)


While waiting for the song to release, I will share some other highlights from my trip to Indonesia. We were staying a few days in lovely Yogyakarta. While we were there, we got the chance to visit Borobudur temple during sunrise. Amazing experience.

Nasi Padang in Jakarta

This is a photo from the amazing Nasi Padang meal we ate in Jakarta. No wonder why I ended up making a song about it.

Music from my trip to Indonesia, release the 5th of October

This summer I was traveling in Indonesia for some weeks. Fantastic country with a lot of great experiences, beautiful nature and lovely people. In Jakarta, I tasted Nasi Padang, the best food in the world. When I came back to norway, I decided to make a tribute to Nasi Padang. This will be released the 5th of October 2016. Stay tuned.