Nasi Padang in Jakarta

This is a photo from the amazing Nasi Padang meal we ate in Jakarta. No wonder why I ended up making a song about it.


  1. u should eat nasi padang in padang city...

  2. you should eat Nasi Padang in Padang City, West Sumatera, Indonesia. because Nasi Padang originally from here. you will get pure taste here that very very delicious more than in Jakarta. :D

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  4. I'm from West Java. I think Nasi Padang is always delicious whereever you taste it.

  5. if 'Nasi Padang' in Jakarta is really that good that can inspire you to create a song about it, you should ate it at it's original place where that meal comes, Padang, West Sumatra. I bet you will change your nationality to Indonesia after you taste the real 'Nasi Padang' in West Sumatra. :D

  6. Maybe u should eat "nasi pecel" at east java


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