Nasi Padang Karaoke Version

I'm inviting YOU to record your own version of "Nasi Padang". Upload it to YouTube or Soundcloud, and post it on my Facebook Page. I will share my favourites on the page.

Mp3 Download:

Video with lyrics:

Nasi Padang Lyrics

I still remember when i tasted you
I wouldn't believe that it could be true
It was the first time in my life
And if you were human, I would make you my wife

Nasi Padang x 5

It's the best thing you will ever taste
If you never taste it, it's a big disgrace
I am your biggest fan
Just remember one thing, you need to eat with your hand

Nasi Padang x 5

If I'm closing my eyes I feel the taste on my lips
I can feel the kobokan on my fingertips
And I really think you’re silly
If you’re leavin' the table without tasting the chili

Nasi Padang x 5

I like it like the bee likes honey
I like it like everyone likes money
I like it like the kids like their bunny
I like it if it’s rainy or sunny

Nasi Padang x 10


  1. Hi Audun Kvitland, ty for this karaoke, i like your song.
    For the invitation, I'll make a record my own version of "Nasi Padang", Ty Very Much :)


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