Lagu Komodo Ping-Pong and photos from our trip to Komodo Islands

Ready for Komodo Island

Finally I have the pleasure of releasing a new song for you all. Also this time it's inspired by my first travel to Indonesia in 2016: Komodo Islands!

This song is my second tribute to Indonesia after my traveling here.

The trip startet from Labuan Bajo. We spent one day in the city, preparing for a couple of days in a boat. Labuan Bajo is a quite small, but nice place. It seems like the city does not have direct access to fresh water, so the hotels gets water delivered so you can shower in non-salty water. Keep this in mind so you dont waste too much water by taking a long shower.

Relaxing in the hammock by the sunset ;) (Photo: Petter Heggen)
Labuan Bajo (Foto: Audun Kvitland Røstad)

The next day, we got on the boat, ready for visiting Komodo Island, and hopefully to see some Komodo Dragons. The boat turned out to be very comfortable and the weather was incredible. We only had 5 minutes of rain during the whole trip, and the wind was totally quiet.

Ready for Komodo Island

Pretty happy with our situation
Blue skies, transparent water and stunningly beautiful nature.

On our way to Komodo Island, the boat stopped a couple of times and let us go snorkling for corals. This was the first time in my life to see corals, and I was totally amazed by all the beautiful colors, and all the small colourful fishes surrounding us.

I chose the sci-fi mask. Made me sound like Darth Vader, but it was actually quite comfortable to do snorkling with.

Sunshine, no wind and water clear as crystals.

This is how it feels to wake up to the sunrise in Indonesia. Take a look out of your window, and just go for a quick morning bath.
Tired face

How to get rid of a tired face ;)

Then we finally arrived to Komodo National Park and we were ready to go looking for some Komodo Dragons. The islands is filled with wild life, crocodiles, wild birds, buffalos, deer and of course Komodo Dragons.

Welcome ;)

This is the first Komodo Dragon that was pretending singing with me. Maybe a subtle reason for my dream?

The Komodo Dragons can be up to three meter long, and you should not get to close to them as their mouth has a salvia filled with poison. This is how they kill their victims. The poison can even kill a full grown buffalo. The Komodo dragon will bite the buffalo, and then follow the buffalo for several days until it slowly dies from the poison. Obviously this means that the Komodo Dragons are pretty dangerous for humans as well. If you get bitten, you need to get to an hospital as quick as possible. Hopefully this will not happen though, and when you arrive to the Islands, you will get a trained ranger coming with you to stop the dragons in case they get to close.

Pretending to be relaxed, posing some meters behind a Komodo Dragon.

A beautiful animal. Or food, as the Komodo Dragon calls it ;)

After spending some hours in the Island we were lucky enough to spot 4 Komodo Dragons. One of them came walking straight towards us, and even if it was a small Komodo (probably a baby) it made our adrenaline start pumping a bit. On the way back, the captain let me try to navigate for a short while. Despite that, we still came back to Labuan Bajo safely ;)




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